Find Watertight Solutions For Your Problems

Find Watertight Solutions For Your Problems

We’ll take care of your pool vinyl replacement in Bethlehem, PA

The experts at Pleasant View Pools, LLC have the skills and equipment needed to handle your pool vinyl repair or pool vinyl replacement with ease. We can also install a new liner when your old one is beyond repair.

How do you know when it’s time for a pool vinyl replacement? When you’re relaxing in the pool, keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • Cracks and tears in the vinyl
  • Stained or faded patterns
  • Wrinkles or stretch marks in the liner

Call 973-902-5777 before the season’s over to ask us about a pool vinyl replacement in Bethlehem, PA.

Don’t let a leaky pool blow holes in your summer fun

Getting timely pool vinyl repair when you need it is essential. If you let a hole linger in your pool liner, it causes the water level to drop. This increases your water usage and leads to soil erosion and damage to the pool wall.

We can patch a hole in your liner and seal it up again, extending the longevity of your pool’s vinyl liner. Contact us now to get an estimate on pool vinyl repair in Bethlehem, PA.